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SUN + ICE = New World Sunrise


Our main role


The project consists in producing “ice” at zero cost and without polluting through the energy of the Sun

Greater representation

Help spread Nigerian cultures around the world through Olympic winter sports

Socialization spot

Add a "socialization spot" for young people and families

Improve our future

Guarantee a future for the sport of ice figure skating, whose management will become increasingly unsustainable in the Northern part of the world


CIO (Lausanne), a dialogue to develop

In June 2021, thanks to the precious intermediation work of Mr. Ivo Ferriani, we approach the International Olympic Committee (Lausanne – Switzerland) in the person of the Head of the Sustainability Division, Mrs. Michelle Lemaître.

We do this through a document in which we support how it will be increasingly prohibitive to produce and maintain the frozen surface of figure skating in the Northern Hemisphere for a variety of reasons.

The text reads in conclusion: “The purpose of this document is therefore to sensitize the competent institutions (ISU, AIOWF, CIO…) so that a consultation table can be set up with the aim of deepening the theme of the future of figure skating geographically located at south from the parallel 30° N.”.

Contributing to the diffusion of the cultures of the sub-Saharan region of Africa and at the same time trying to ensure the conservation of figure skating in that area is something that appears far away on the shores of Lake Geneva.

On 9 July 2022, about a year after the start of the dialogue attempt, that sort of prediction in some ways materializes in a not second-rate northern European economic system: the Association of Germanic Cities invites the burgomasters to avoid freezing the skating rinks with the arrival of Autumn.



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SESWo represents the involvement of “civil society”.

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