About us

“Sport And Environmental Sustainability In The World – SESWo” is an Italian non-profit organization under the Civil Code of 1942. It was founded in 2011 on the occasion of Enrico Gremmo’s solo bicycle tour around the world.
Our team

Who we are

SESWo represents the involvement of “civil society”. There are people who have left the work cycle who operate at the level of social commitment (Nelly Tolosi), there are exponents of the next generation engaged in their training courses (Martino Bidese, Riccardo Scaglia), there are people from other cultures who bring knowledge (Alfie Mario Nze, Joy Osayamen Ilevba), there are people who combine their occupations with the “particular” missions of the association (Gianni Brugo, Alessandro Costanzo, Massimo Bidese, Anna Corda, Carlo Guglielminotti Bianco) and there are still of the people whose experiences have intersected the coordinates of SESWo and who SESWo always feels friends (Enrico Gremmo, Laura Boldi, Aldo De Trovato).

What do we do?

SESWo wishes to spread a “sustainable living” that can guarantee the well-being
of current generations without compromising future generations.
Achieving this goal is possible through the implementation of some projects that include:
Education as an instrument of emancipation
Sport as a means of uniting people
Bio-climatic architecture as a model of respect for the environment
The recognition and enhancement of the role of women as a means of promoting her emancipation
Respect for Human Rights
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